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A quilting tote bag that expresses the signature L pattern in a three-dimensional and sophisticated mood. It is easy to store with a luxurious gloss and a generous size. Symbols made with the motif of ballet's elegant curves and feminine sensibility, pendant's true decoration give a point, a tote that goes well with a feminine look, and items that can be created in a variety of cross.


Material: Cow Leather
Composition: 2 internal open compartments, 1 external storage compartment, 1 detachable strap
Size: 26.5(w) x 21(h) x 10(d)Cm * Weight : 615g

Product Care Guideline

  1. Stash your bag in its original dust bag and fill it with stuffing paper to maintain its shape and prevent flaking and wrinkling from contacts with other leather products. Be cautious in care as cracks or rips in leather cannot be easily recovered.
  2. To safe keep your bag from stains, regularly remove dust by wiping with a cleaner (especially for bright colored products). Avoid damp places for leather products.
  3. Always keep your belt on a hanger. Hang it like clothes and do not roll it.


Product Use Guideline

  1. Be cautious when putting in heavy items, as doing so may damage or deform the product shape.
  2. Leather is carefully finished with minimal work, so be cautious of abrasion and scratch.
  3. Prevent color transfer by consciously resisting the urge to rest your bag against your denim jeans, if not removed regularly will cause premature wear and discoloration (especially for bright color products).
  4. Alcohol and oily substances, such as perfumes or cosmetic products, may damage or contaminate the product.
  5. If the product gets wet, dry thoroughly with soft dry cloth in the shade area. Do not use sunlight or heat to dry.
  6. When removing stains, do not use detergents or inappropriate leather cleaner on the leather.


Guideline by Material

  1. Direct or extended exposure to sunlight or illumination and humidity as snow, rain, sweat may discolor the product.
  2. PVC material is especially weak to heat. Please be cautious and avoid getting in direct contact with fire (PVC material is especially vulnerable to heat, thus should be away from fire).
  3. Saffiano material is vulnerable to creases and moisture, so be careful not to lose its shape.
  4. Jacquard material is easy to be fluffy, so be careful with friction.
  5. Be cautious with quilting part of the embroidery material - avoid sharp edges.
  6. Natural material may appear different in actual, but this does not reflect quality of leather.
  7. Enamel material is vulnerable to extended exposure to heat like light or sunlight. This can lead to color transfer, and extended contact to transparent material can cause stain. Deep colored lining will transfer color according to keeping condition.

Return Address: 134, Anpyeong-ro 114beon-gil, Hobeop-myeon, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea [Postal Code : 17391]

134, Anpyeong-ro 114beon-gil, Hobeop-myeon, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

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Customized or handmade items.
Items that show traces of use, wash, or alterations.
Items that have been damaged intentionally including, but not limited to, lost tags, alterations, washing damage, even if the item was defective upon arrival.
All goods returned without previous notice will not be accepted.
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Items that are the wrong size due to wrong measurements by the buyer will not be considered defective items.

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