Platform-L Contemporary Art Center opened to the public in May 2016 establishing itself as a locus for diverse and noteworthy creative perspectives which connect contemporary artists to audiences in Korea and beyond. Creators in visual art and design, performance and media art, an ongoing cultural dialogue with visitors to Platform-L’s spaces and work to diminish the cultural distance between audiences while fostering a wider appreciation for contemporary art. Thus, Platform-L aims to operate as a platform for cooperation and exchanges for artists and institutions that becomes a space for learning and exploration open to those create art and those who enjoy it. Platform-L is run by Taejin Culture Foundation, established by Taejin International and its global fashion brand Louis Quatorze, who has been supporting numerous art and cultural activities over the last 20 years. Taejin International was born in 2021 under a new name, Creation L

On air exhibition

Design in Agenda: Symbiosis

The exhibition UNPARASITE aims to recall the meaning of a living space where people need to stay more isolated both physically and psychologically as never before due to the ongoing global pandemic and to heal our disrupted relationships in the spirit of “symbiosis.” The title “UNPARASITE” is a coinage inspired by the globally-acclaimed black comedy film Parasite directed by Bong Joon-ho, which mirrors the realities and deepening social divide of the Korean capitalist society in a wickedly clever way. Beyond the economic inequality, this exhibition of diverse, multidisciplinary works by 23 teams with young artists of today carefully touches on the subject of how the ego and the inner-self, people and people, people and animals, and people and nature can exist side by side in a beautiful symbiosis.

Most recent exhibition

“Min Oh:
Invitee, Attendee, Absentee”

Min Oh, who has been experimenting with ‘music to see’ in opposition to ‘music to listen to,’ invites the audience to attend in seeing and listening to music in the absence of universal music. In this exhibition, the artist presents the following works: “Absentee,” consisting of five pieces of music; “Attendee,” a video of performing these pieces; and “Invitee,” a live act in which the video installation continuously changes and moves. “Absentee” was created first, followed by “Attendee” and “Invitee”; however, in the title of the exhibition, the order of the works is reversed. The series “Invitee, Attendee, Absentee” presents each piece individually; however, note that “Absentee” is the basis for “Attendee” and “Invitee,” and “Attendee” is part of the live act of “Invitee.”

11 Eunju-ro 133-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 06053 South Korea