LOUIS QUATORZE is hosting the project <find your light spectrum> with Art Collective Contributors. The contributors, who have shown new attempts through planning activities in the field of crafts and design, will carry out art projects at LOUIS QUATORZE stores across the country with the 10 artists. The 10 artists participating in <spectrum> will present new works with the major works that reinterpret the inspiration from LOUIS QUATORZE culture with their own colours. Each artist's worldview is recreated in 3D graphic episodes by Studio .pic. <spectrum> proposes a new level of audiovisual experience in which artists' work and videos are synchronized to appreciate a variety of sculptural works spectrum



This project is to support and propose a new culture for the young generation. With the theme of 'Find Your Own Light', it is a music collaboration between producer Groovy Room, who leads trends in various fields including music, and six artists with different personalities. Based on the release of a compilation of 6 songs and the completed sound source, new and sensuous live video performances are presented. We support young people who are looking for their own dreams and individuality.


What color are you looking for yourself?