A Lifestyle of Class & Luxury

Louis Quatorze was founded in 1980 by Paul Barrate, a Versailles leather craftsman who was inspired by the distinct artistic style of the 17th-century French nobles, particularly the Sun King, Louis XIV. Seeking to reinterpret this ancient style in a modern way, Paul decided to create a brand that offered a new trademark of luxury, one that is derived from exceptional quality and expert artistry.
In perfect harmony with the everlasting style of tradition and art, Louis Quatorze combines modernity with an elegance that is characteristic of French nobility. The brand’s designs are ever dynamic and transcend seasons and generations.


In 1990 LOUIS QUATORZE was first introduced to Korea by Tj international as the company signed license contract with the French brand in the same year.

Over the next 16years, Tj international was closely working with the Paris head office until a full merger agreement was reached in 2006. The high-end brand had preferred to keep low profile and it was after the merger, the brand fully exhibited its potential and established itself as a globally recognized luxury brand. it was the succession of the brand philosophy, know-how's, designs and sensibility combined with the excellent craftsmanship of Korean artisans, uncompromising quality and TJ's global marketing system that allowed the brand to rise in the fast-paced and competitive market environment.


The age of Louis XIV bears inspiration

LOUIS QUATORZE refers to the Sun King, Louis XIV of France. What was it like in the days of Louis XIV? Louis XIV was a politician and man with a refined taste and eye for beauty. The 17th century France, during his reign, is marked by its height of all areas of art and culture. it was when the Chateau of Versailles was built, haute couture was in vogue and diamond was first referred to as the crown jewel. The advent of 'elegantly refined', 'sophisticated', 'intellectual' style as we know of and associate with France in the present day can be traced back to this era.
LOUIS QUATORZE embodies the incorporation of the two; contemporary sensibility and the beauty flourished during this period in history when Louis XIV was in reign, to whom history owes its brilliant cultural heritage, and incorporation by which LOUIS QUATORZE achieves to present cultural value beyond its matter.


Defining Quality

LOUIS QUATORZE is designed by only the foremost designers and crafted by the best artisans using the best quality materials. No other saying would suffice to explain LOUIS QUATORZE products.
The strict process of making the LOUIS QUATORZE product is an unparalleled one. LOUIS QUATORZE makes it a principle for products to be designed in Paris headquarters and to be made in Korea by the skilled Korean artisans, known for their meticulous craftsmanship. Choosing only the flawless French and Italian leather, the next process involves making wooden patterns to prevent the leather from any type of deformation of material. The following sewing stage requires the most refined skills of the most alert hands, scrupulousness and meticulousness that allow no imperfect seams or stitches.


The rose is the symbol of LOUIS QUATORZE

Louis XIV had roses grown in the gardens of Chateau de Versailles and plucked them to present to the loved ones as a token of his love. The roses in full bloom as would have been found in his gardens are presented in the first letters of LOUIS QUATORZE, 'L' and 'Q'. The symbol was created to encompass nobility and contemporary sophistication, to represent brand philosophy and classic and elegant beauty of the products.